The percentage of IDPs in the population of regions of Ukraine

According to data, published by UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on March 11, 2015 the number of internally displaced persons from the territory captured by Russian troops and pro fighters, has reached 1 million, 133 thousand, 728 people. This figure – the person who moved to the territory of Ukraine. A large number of internally displaced people moved to Russia, Belarus, Poland and so on.

Ukraine - Overview of population displacement (as of 11 March 2015)

Below is a more detailed map of IDPs in Ukraine among the population. We did not take into account the percentage of IDPs inside Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, because there is no demographic data on the population of areas, which are under control of the state.

The percentage of internally displaced persons from the area of ATO in the population of regions of Ukraine, March, 2015

Please, take a look at the Kyiv Oblast and the city of Kyiv. As you can see, the percentage of IDPs in oblast and in the city is almost similar. Despite the common belief that IDPs from Donbas move mainly to big cities, there is a reason to believe this statement is a false.