Salaries in Ukraine at the beginning of 2015 by region

At the beginning of 2015 (summary in December, 2014) official average salary in Ukraine amounted to 4012 UAH. Traditionally, higher salaries fixed in Kyiv, Kyiv region and industrial areas. Central and Western Ukraine get significantly lower salary than the average wage. Average salary in Ukraine at the beginning of 2015 (December 2014) by region, UAHIn the meantime during the previous year there was a semi-effective process to align average salary throughout Ukraine. Thus, in several areas of Western Ukraine average wage increased relatively faster than on the territory of most of the eastern regions.

Increasing of average salary in Ukraine from January to December 2014, by region

Map of arrears of salary by region looks very unevenly. In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts accumulated huge debts through military action caused Russian aggression against Ukraine. There are large arrears in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv oblasts too.

Arrears of wages in Ukraine at the beginning of 2015 (December 2014), by region, million UAH

Statistics data does not not include temporarily occupied Crimea.