Pre-school education in Ukraine in 2014

According to information released by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Ukraine has more than fifteen thousand childcares for children of preschool age. They are located on the territory of Ukraine uneven (see the first map), but it is not critical, because these institutions has different sizes and have different number of seats.

Statistics data does not not include temporarily occupied Crimea. Data on Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts are to be defined.

Number of pre-schools in the regions of Ukraine in 2014

Much more informative is an information about the number of available places in kindergartens and information about number of children in them. In all regions of Ukraine preschools actually are overcrowded. Most of all – in Western Ukraine, where for several years there is a high birth rate (especially in Volyn).

The number of children per 100 seats in preschool, people

Only in the Kherson region statistically situation (note that it’s only statistically, because we are talking about nearly five hundred preschools in different locations) is close to an acceptable: the maximum filling of kindergartens without overcrowding.