Number of religious communities and clergy of major Protestant churches in Ukraine, 1997 – 2014

Protestant churches in Ukraine rarely get the attention of the mass media and typically are not subject to public debate. However, the dynamics of growth and the number of communities are not inferior to many churches that are considered traditional in Ukraine. Number of Baptist communities comparable to the number of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church communities. Number of Pentecostal communities has outstriped the Roman Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church communities.

Number of religious communities in Ukraine, 1997 - 2014

The situation with clergy is radically different. Orthodox and Catholic churches clergy amount is less than the number of their communities. In Protestant churches it’s vice versa. Jehovah’s Witnesses stand out among others with the number of clergy exceeding the number of communities more than quadrupled.

Number of priests in Ukraine, 1997 - 2014

Despite the widespread notion that the clergy of Protestant churches and religious organizations have a large number of foreigners, it is not true. None of the Protestant churches in Ukraine among represented here have such large number of foreigners among their clergy, such as the Roman Catholic Church.

It should be noted that the statistics here shows only a few most widespread Protestant churches in Ukraine. Their total number is much larger. Number of communities and priests does not take into account the size of the communities, parishioners activity etc.

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