Number of religious communities and clergy of major Christian churches in Ukraine, 1997 – 2014

Over the past seventeen years, the number of religious communities and clerics of the main Christian churches in Ukraine steadily grew (according to data). The total number of religious communities increased from 13 300 to 23 200. The largest increase in absolute numbers has the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – nearly 5900 communities. In relative numbers the amount of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate communities is growing faster than others, it has an increase of more than 3 times.

Number of religious communities in Ukraine, 1997 - 2014

The number of priests is not equal to the number of religious communities in any of the major Christian churches in Ukraine. The best correlation has the UOC (MP), the worst – the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. After all, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church is the only church (among those presented here) with decrease in number of communities. Number of priests in Ukraine, 1997 - 2014It is interesting to look at the proportion of religious communities and their dynamics over the past seventeen years. It can be seen that the proportion of the Roman Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has declined, while the share of major Orthodox Churches (UOC (MP) and UOC – KP) – has increased. Share of the religious communities in Ukraine at the beginning of 1997 and 2014

The Roman Catholic Church is the only one in Ukraine, which has a large number of foreigners among its clergy (the rest either do not include foreigners at all, or their percentage from  the total number of clergy does not exceed 1-2%). During the same period, the number of foreigners in RCC increased by 12%, the number of Ukrainian citizens in RCC increased by 84%.

Percentage of Ukrainian citizens and foreigners among the priests of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, 1997 - 2014

It should be emphasized that the number of communities and priests does not take into account the size of the communities, parishioners activity etc.