Mass peasant protests in the USSR in 1930

Canadian researcher Lynne Viola in her book “Peasant Rebels under Stalin: Collectivization and the Culture of Peasant Resistance” cites statistics from archival records on the number of peasant protests during the collectivization, forms of protests and their victims.

Certain information submitted separately in different regions of the USSR, so we’re able to compare mass protests in Ukraine and in other republics. Number of mass peasant demonstrations, recorded OGPU, can be researched monthly:

The dynamics of peasant protests in Ukraine and the Soviet Union in 1930

Total number of uprisings in Ukraine for the year 1930 is 4098, in other republics in general – 9657. So, almost 30% of all performances took place on the territory of Ukraine. Almost a million people took part in them, 39% of the total number of protesters in the USSR (957 thousand of 2.47 million).

Recall that the proportion of the population Ukrainian SSR 1926 census was only about 20% (29 million people in the general population of the USSR 147 million). Thus, the number of protests and the number of participants in Ukraine were much higher than the average for the USSR.

However, mass peasant demonstrations were much less bloody. Only 15% of murders and 12% of attempted murders were committed in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR:

Comparison of mass and the nature of peasant protests in Ukraine and the Soviet Union in 1930

Interesting to note, that there were no distinct group of people that was the largest among the participants. Active resistance to collectivization was not only a matter of wealthy peasants (kulaks). All segments of the rural population joined it.